Report Scheduler / Data Scheduler - How to?

The Report Scheduler is a recurring and automated interface to automatically email you reports on a periodic basis. Typically this is used in a long running survey (transactional surveys) where you have a continuous data collection stream.

On one hand you have data being collected on an on-going basis, and on the other hand you can create a daily, weekly or monthly schedule so that the data collected can automatically be emailed to your account. The Report Scheduler is meant for automatic delivery of the various reports that QuestionPro produces.

How do I get started?

Goto : My Surveys (Select Survey) » Analytics » Manage Data » Scheduler

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Survey Software Help Image
Survey Software Help Image

What are the different options for creating the Report Scheduler?

  • Name: This is the name that identifies this particular scheduler event. Please make this as descriptive as possible - Example - Weekly Excel Report etc.
  • Report: This is the kind of report that can be generated. Choose the best report that suits your needs.
  • Frequency: How often do you want the report emailed to you automatically.
  • Time: At what time do you want the report to be generated and delivered to you.
  • End Date: After setting up the End date the schedule reports will automatically stop sending out reports after that scheduled end date.
  • Data Window: By default, the reports will take into account all the data that has been collected under your account. However, in most cases, running the report on the entire data-set is not needed. It makes sense to generate the report only on the data collected say in the last three months or so. In cases where you only want to see the open-ended comments for a particular survey or simply see the scores generated in the last week, you can shorten the Data Window to be 1 week.

Can I create schedules with other frequency - Fortnightly, quarterly etc?

No. Currently we are releasing daily, weekly and monthly schedule options only. This may change in the future depending upon how many users ask for other frequency options.

How will I get notified when the report is ready?

The generated reports will be emailed to you based on the email address under your User Profile.

Can multiple users be notified automatically when reports are generated?

Yes, with global multi-user accounts (available with the Enterprise License) you can choose the users within your organization that can receive the reports.

Can I "modify" a schedule?

At this point we not allow for modifications of scheduled events. You can however delete the events as necessary and re-create them.

Can I temporarily suspend the scheduled reports?

Yes. Just click on the Suspend icon. When the scheduler is Suspended you will not receive any reports etc.

What are the different kinds of report I can schedule?

The following reports can be scheduled:

  1. Excel : Raw Data + Analytics

    This is the exact same Excel report that is generated by going to:

    Login » Surveys » Manage Data » Raw Data Export » MS Excel Report

  2. Excel : Trend Report

    This is the Trend Report that is generated by going to:

    Login » Surveys » Reports» Advanced » Trend Analysis

  3. SPSS : Data Collection Reporting

    This Data Collection Reporting can also be generated by going to:

    Login » Surveys » Manage Data » Statistical Package Export

  4. PowerPoint: This Overview Report can also be generated by going to:

    Login » Surveys » Manage Data » Export » Charts & Analytics Export

  5. CSV: Raw Data

    Login » Surveys » Manage Data » Raw Data Export » CSV Report

  6. HTML - Real-Time Text Report

    This the the Open-Ended Text report generated by going to :

    Login » Surveys » Reports » Open-Ended Text

  7. HTML - Real-Time Summary Report
  8. Custom Report :

    This Refresh Custom Report can also be generated by going to:

    Login » Surveys » Report » Custom » Customized Reports

    You can "Refresh" the data automatically by choosing this option.

I have scheduled a report and I am not receiving it. What am I doing wrong?

The scheduled reports are automatically emailed to the email address specified in your account. If you are not receiving the emails please check the following:

  1. SPAM/Junk Mail settings - Please check your email SPAM/Junk settings to make sure emails coming from QuestionPro are not categorized as SPAM/Junk.
  2. Please check with your IT department to make sure your organization is not blocking emails coming from QuestionPro as SPAM.
  3. You can verify that the report was run by click on the "Next Schedule" link for the scheduled report in question.

Is there an upper limit for the number of report schedulers per survey?

Yes, there is a limit as per the license level:

  • Enterprise License - 5 Per Survey
  • Team Edition License - 3 Per Survey


This feature/tools described here are available with the following license(s) :

Corporate Annual and above- Buy Now - $899/Year

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