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What is trend analysis?

Trend analysis gives you the ability to take a look at data over time for a long-running survey. It can be useful for comparing quiz or test scores (see an increase in knowledge over the course if you administer the same survey multiple times over the matter of a few weeks or months) or identifying a trend in data sets for a regularly distributed satisfaction survey.

This module allows you to plot aggregated response data over time. It is especially valuable if you are conducting a long-running survey and would like to measure differences in perception and responses over time or prepare for trend reversals in the market.

Such analysis can be precious as an early warning indicator of potential problems and issues with product line and service level changes that impact customers.

Example of trend analysis based on survey data

The graph below explains trend analysis over a period for channel sales per country. Channels are based on four categories: Coupon, display ads, SEM, SEO. This graph is an example of a sales pattern that is analyzed on a month on month basis. The table shows the calculation of the mean to show the prediction of the trend for the coming months. The table is based on the sales figure for the last four months.

Trend analysis example:

trend analysis example

Trend analysis in market research

With the trend analysis report, you can compare historical data and get answers to questions like:

Trend analysis helps to display a summary of long term data. Use it to investigate variability at different time points and capture how the customers and markets respond over time. Use trend analysis to identify the best time for demand in the market and also identify low-demand phases to take actions accordingly.

trend analysis in surveys

QuestionPro lets you filter results based on the below data filters:

You can view trends in survey research data using below chart formats:

Uses of trend analysis in surveys

Researchers and businesses run a trend analysis report after data collection for the following:

Advantages of analyzing trends in survey data

Here are the business benefits of running a trend analysis:

How to use trend analysis in surveys?

Explore our help file on trend analysis of survey data to learn how to use this survey feature.