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Survey authentication SAML SSO is SP initiated single sign on, which will redirect the respondent to the IDP's login page before answering the survey. If the respondent is authenticated by IDP then and only then he/ she is able to answer the survey.

How to set up Survey Authentication SSO using OneLogin as IDP?

  • While setting up the SSO login authentication using OneLogin as IDP you have to upload the metadata URL which contains a Single Sign On URL. As you click Save Changes button the SSO URL is fetched by the tool and populated in the "Single Sign On URL" input field. This URL is used to redirect the respondent to the IDP for authentication when he/ she tries to answer the survey.
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  • After the above set up you'll get a new survey authentication option under Survey >> Settings >> Security named as "(Organization Name) SAML". Select this option and click on Save Changes.
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I have already done the set up for SSO login authentication SAML using OneLogin as IDP, how can I use it for survey authentication?

For the existing SAML SSO login authentication set up, you'll need to copy the SSO URL from your OneLogin app and paste it in the Single Sign On URL input field and click on Save Changes. To get the SSO URL from OneLogin follow the steps below:

  • Go to the existing application in your OneLogin account then click on Sign On tab.
  • Here you can see SAML 2.0 Endpoint (HTTP) URl, copy this URL and paste it under "SIngle Sign On URL" and click on Save Changes.
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How do I pass additional user data from OneLogin to QuestionPro survey response?

You can pass the additional user data from OneLogin to QuestionPro survey response by passing them as attributes in the XML Assertion. While setting up the application in OneLogin you can define the attributes under Parameters tab. Here you can provide any name to the attribute and select the value from the drop-down menu.

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This feature is available with the following license:


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