Sending Survey via Email Invitation

An important way to increase the number of survey responses is to send the survey via email. There is a high probability that the respondents know the researcher and hence take the time to respond to the survey.

How can I send a survey via email invitation?

The Email Invitation allows you to send customized email invitations for your surveys and track who has responded. To send email invitation:

Go to: My Surveys (Select Survey) » Distribute » Email

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Survey invitations are survey-specific. Please make sure you have selected the correct survey. The active survey name is always displayed in the top left corner.

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Step 1: Add the below details as per your requirement.

You can edit the following:

  • Default template: For each survey, a default template is provided.
  • Create New Survey Invitation: For each survey, you can create up to 10 templates. Check How
  • Subject: Subject for the email / survey invitation.
  • Body : Text for the invitation. You can use HTML in your invitation text. You can also insert images or attach files using HTML.
  • From Email: This can be updated if needed to reflect the desired name of the sender.
  • From Name: This can be updated if needed to reflect the email of the sender.
  • Insert Survey Link: Select from either the tracked respondent link (will appear as SURVEY_LINK= ) or the anonymous respondent link (will appear as ANONYMOUS_SURVEY_LINK= ). This is also where you can update the Survey Link Text that will be displayed when a respondent sees the email.
  • Insert Variables: Select from buttons associated with the custom variables First Name, Last Name, or custom variables 1-5.
  • Language: If your survey is multilingual you can select a by default language, so that for the respondents will receive the survey directly in one language.
  • Email Embed: You can embed the first question in the email body itself. Check How

Step 2: Decide whom to send the survey to:

  • You can enter email addresses directly.
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  • You can select an email list created previously.

Can I schedule a send?

Yes, you can schedule sending of the survey.

Go to:

Login >> Survey >> Send >> Send Later

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You can select the time when you want to send out the survey. Check How
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This feature/tools described here are available with the following license(s) :

Free License and above

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