Sending survey via email invitation

An important way to increase the number of survey responses is to send the survey via email. An email invitation ensures that a unique link is sent to each contact which allows you to track each contact's progress and send reminders to those who have not taken your survey.

How can I send a survey via email invitation?

To send email invitation:

  • Go to: Login » Surveys (select a survey) » Distribute » Email
  • Compose tab will be opened by default.
  • Add recipients email addresses in "to" section. You can either directly enter email addresses or select email list that you have created from the drop-down as shown below:
Survey Software Help Image

Survey invitations are survey-specific. Please make sure you have selected the correct survey. The active survey name is always displayed in the top left corner.

  • You can change the subject of email invitation.
  • The email body/message that you see is a default template which is provided for each survey. You can create your own email templates (survey specific and global) and use them while sending out your survey.
  • To change the email template, click on the default template drop-down. Here, you can either create new template or select an existing email template that you have created from survey specific templates. You can also select email templates from the global list based on your need.
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You can also edit the following:

  • Email body: Enter text for the invitation. You can use HTML in your invitation text. You can also insert images or attach files using HTML.
  • From email: This can be updated if needed to reflect the desired name of the sender.
  • From name: This can be updated if needed to reflect the email of the sender.
  • Insert survey link: Select from either the tracked respondent link (will appear as SURVEY_LINK= ) or the anonymous respondent link (will appear as ANONYMOUS_SURVEY_LINK= ). This is also where you can update the survey link text that will be displayed when a respondent sees the email. By default, the survey link text is "start survey".
  • Insert variables: Select from buttons associated with the custom variables first name, last name, or custom variables 1-5.
  • Language: If your survey is multilingual you can select a by default language, so that for the respondents will receive the survey directly in one language.
  • Email embed: You can embed the first question of your survey in the email body itself. Check how to embed questions

Once you have done with the editing, click on send button to send out the email invitation for your survey.

Can I schedule a email invitation?

Yes, you can schedule survey invitations by clicking on schedule button where you can define the future date and time when the invitation has to be sent out. Check how to schedule survey invitations via email.


This feature/tools described here are available with the following license(s) :

Free License and above

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