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QuestionPro provides an option to schedule survey invitation which needs to be delivered at a specific date and time. This option allows you to plan your survey invitations and deliver dates ahead of time.

How do I schedule my survey invitations?

Go to: Login » Surveys (select a survey) » Distribute » Email » Compose.

  • Select email list in "to" section.
  • Click on schedule.
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  • Select the date and time and click on schedule invitation
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  • The invitation will be scheduled to be sent out on the specified date and time.
  • The scheduled invitations can be seen in scheduled tab.
  • You can click on new schedule to create scheduled invitations.
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  • You can also send out the survey invitation immediately by clicking on three dots on the right corner which will show two options - send and delete.

How do I get an acknowledgment email for scheduled invitations?

You will get an acknowledgement email from QuestionPro once your invitation has been sent out successfully. To receive these emails you must enable email reports (click for further details).

Can I schedule multiple invitations?

Yes, you can schedule multiple invitations. You will need to follow the same process above.

I have set a scheduled invitation, but I want to send the invitation immediately, and cancel the schedule. Can I do that without creating a new invitation?

Yes, click on send now option to send the invitation immediately.

Once I schedule an invitation to go out, will the changes made to the body or subject of the email reflect in that scheduled invitation?

No, the changes made to the subject or body of the invitation will not reflect to the scheduled invitation once it is saved/scheduled to go out.

The scheduled email invitations will be sent out within one hour after the scheduled time depending on the number of invitations scheduled at that particular time.

This feature is available with the following licenses:

Corporate, Team and Enterprise

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