Enabling and disabling email reports

Email reports feature allows you to recieve an email from QuestionPro for two actions -
  1. Upon successfully sending out survey invitation via email.
  2. When you download raw data or report.
You may want to enable or disable email reports depending on your current or future needs. The QuestionPro platform allows you to do just that, effectively.

How do I enable email reports?

To enable receiving reports via email:

  • Go to: Login » My Account (Top Right Corner) » Global Settings
  • Under global settings, go to email reports and turn on the toggle for email reports. You can also enable weekly digest email.
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Now, emails will start recieving from QuestionPro on the admin's email address whenever survey invitations are sent out via email.

Is this setting applicable to all the surveys?

This setting is applicable to your entire account. By default, every time you request a report (Excel / CSV, etc.) an email is also sent to admin's email address with the report attached. When you enable the Do Not Email Reports option for your account all email reports are disabled for all the surveys in your account. To start reeving emails select the Email All Reports option.


This feature is available with the following licenses:

Corporate, Team and Enterprise

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