Homunculus Question Type

The Homunculus question type captures visual patient data, based on patients choosing the area of discomfort felt in the body.

While still being part of short patient engagement surveys, this single question type can pinpoint 24 pain locations on the front and 29 locations on the back of the human body, allowing healthcare professionals to gain a preliminary, but clear idea of patient status. As a result, this leads the exam room conversations in greater detail and creates a more efficient and improved experience for those involved.

Why It’s Useful

Many of QuestionPro’s healthcare clients have found this question type to change the way they work with patients by using it in one of two ways:

1. On-Premise: Personal physical data is collected from the patient with a short survey by way of a tablet and the QuestionPro Offline App. Often, these surveys are taken while patients are in the waiting room, before meeting with the doctor, so that each appointment can be more productive and focused on building the doctor-patient relationship.

2. Remote Assistance: Because the development of technology has generated a new lifestyle around the world, remote doctor assistance has also become increasingly common. As remote doctors, several QuestionPro users send email surveys to patients with the intent to gain an initial understanding of the patient’s condition prior to starting a video conference.

To add Homunculus question type:

  • Go to: Login >> Surveys >> Edit >> Add Question >> Advanced >> Health Care
  • Select Homunculus Question.
  • Survey Software Help Image

Add/modify Area Ratings:

We can delete or add new affected area that we want to display to the respondents in the Homunculus question type. We can edit the question code and question text.

For modification, please click on “Add/modify Area Ratings”.

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We can edit the follow up question text under settings.

Survey Software Help Image
The choice text and color for marking these areas can be changed from “Settings”.
Survey Software Help Image
The affected area can be highlighted with 3 values: Low, Medium and High.
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License & Access Options

This feature/tools described here are available with the following license(s) :

Enterprise Edition

Unlimited Surveys, Questions

Advanced Toolset and Features

No Long Term Commitment

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