Updating the time zone for an account

The default time zone for all the data collected is based on where the QuestionPro servers are – i.e., United States Pacific Time.

How do you change the time zone?

To change this, you can update the time zone for your account. Once updated, all the data will be recorded and reported based on your custom time zone. To update your time zone, go to:

  • Go to: Login » Surveys » My Account (top right corner)
  • Click the drop-down on the top right corner.
  • Click on your email address or my account in the dropdown.
  • Overview tab will be open by default.
  • Here, you will see the following sections - login details, user profile and cancel account.
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  • Under user profile, click on the edit user profile button.
  • User profile pop-up will appear to update user information.
  • From the time zone drop-down, select your time zone.
  • Click on update user profile. The time zone will be updated.
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How do I change the date format?

Click on the date format drop-down and select the date format that suits your region. By default, all dates are in the format - MM/DD/YYYY so August 22, 2019, will be recorded as 08/22/2019.

If you have set up a time zone for your account, then, depending on the time zone, your date format will also change. If you select any of the time zones in the US or Canada, the date format will be: MM/DD/YYYY. For rest of the world, the date format used will be: DD/MM/YYYY so August 22, 2019, will be recorded as 22/08/2019.

When exactly is the time stamp recorded?

The time stamp is recorded when the respondent clicks on the Continue/Submit button for the survey. For multi-page surveys, the time stamp is recorded and updated every time the respondent clicks on the Continue button.

What is the default time zone for time stamp on sent surveys via email?

The default time zone for the time stamp is PST (Pacific Time). If you have updated time zone on your account (e.g. GMT) then the time stamp will be as per your account's updated time zone.


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