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What is predictive answer options?

We are making survey creation smarter and easier for you. Our self-learning AI engine will predict and auto-fill answer options based on the question text that you enter.

How does predictive answer option work?

When you add a multiple choice single select type question and type in: “What is your gender?” in the question text, our AI prediction engine will see a match and auto-fill the answer options with:

  • Male
  • Female
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If you do not want to accept predictions, you can click on the Discard option. You can also reverse the scale order by clicking on Reverse Order link. Discard and Reverse Order options are displayed temporarily and will go away in 10 seconds or if you click anywhere outside the question area.

Can I edit the predicted answer options?

Yes. Once answers are auto-filled, you can edit them or also add remove options. For example, for gender, we have autofilled Male and Female as the answer options, you can now add the 'Prefer not to answer' option by adding another option.

How does prediction work? What is the secret sauce?

Our AI engine is self-learning and improves with time. We initially have basic rules which will evolve with time and usage. If some combination is discarded numerous time, our prediction engine will pick it up and update/stop prediction for that combination. Newer rules and prediction combination will get added based on usage.

Which question types support predictive answer options?

Currently, predictive answer options work for the following questions:

  • Multiple Choice Single Select
  • Matrix Single Select
More questions will be added later on.

Does predictive answer options work when editing questions?

No. Prediction only works when you add a new question. If you are editing or copying questions, there will not be any changes made to your questions or answer options.


This feature is available with the following licenses:

Free, Professional, Corporate, Team and Enterprise

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