Response identifier

Response identifier is used in reports to identify respondents who have taken your survey. By default, a respondent is identified (mapped) with response id. QuestionPro allows you to change response identifier from response id to any other option. For example, email address or any of the 255 custom variables.

Benefits of response identifier

  • You can click on the email address of the respondent to view the entire response associated with that email ID or of that respondent.
  • Having an email address or a personal response ID associated with each survey response helps you distinguish between similar responses.
  • Communication is made easy when you have personal details mapped with the survey responses, especially for organizations conducting internal surveys.
  • Together with ‘Data Audit Tool’, you can use the response identifier to enhance the quality of data you intend to collect through surveys.
  • You can use personalized survey response IDs to analyze the survey results based on demographics, gender, or other custom variables you might have set to in the survey design.

How do I change response identifier?

Go to: Login » Surveys(select a survey) » Analytics

On Dashboard, click on report settings.

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Select an option from the drop down to set as a response identifier.

By default, the response identifier is set as response id. But you can set any other response identifier by selecting an option from the drop down and click on save changes.

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Since it is difficult to identify a respondent on the basis of response id, you can set email address or a suitable custom variable to easily identify the respondent.
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If respondent’s email address or any of the custom variables set as response identifier are not available, then response id will be displayed as default value.

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