What is the difference between the two HTML Code Options for MicroPolls?

Javascript Enabled HTML Code Vs. Inline Frame HTML Code

For the most part, the JavaScript enabled HTML Code will work with all browsers/server software. However, some blogging solutions (Blogger.com etc.) do not allow you to put JavaScript/HTML as part of your blog. In such cases, you can try our the Inline Frame HTML Code option.

What is the Source HTML Code Option?

The HTML Source is also provided for your reference. This option is the least desireable. If you are using the Source HTML please understand the following:

  • When using this option, the results will popup in a separate window
  • Every time you make changes to the MicroPoll, you'll have to Copy/Paste the HTML
  • You cannot remove the Links (Powered By etc.). If you do remove them, that is a violation of our terms and conditions for using the MicroPoll. We will automatically disable your account if we determine that the links have been modified or removed.
If you do not understand HTML, please us the JavaScript or the Inline Frame Option.

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