MicroPoll Suggest - What is this?

MicroPoll suggest is one of the ways you can ask your audience (website visitors) to suggest polls on different topics. When you enable MicroPoll Suggest, a link is placed in your poll to enable users to suggest polls.

How can this help me?

As a webmaster/author of a website or a blog, you can use the MicroPoll Suggest as a tool to enable your vistors to be involved in the content that you create. Visitors can give you ideas on polls that you may not have thought about.

What about security? Can anyone create a poll on my website?

When your visitors suggest polls, they are not automatically published. In fact they are part of your "Suggested MicroPolls" folder. You can then choose any of the suggested MicroPolls to be published as part of your site by copying and pasting the HTML for the suggested poll.

How do I enable MicroPoll Suggest?

  • Go to:
    • Login »  Poll »  Syndicate
  • Click on Enable MicroPoll Suggest under Syndicate Options
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