Syndicate/Share MicroPolls

Syndicate/Share MicroPolls:

Any of the MicroPolls that you create can be shared. Sharing enabled others to copy and paste the HTML code to your MicroPoll into their own blogs and websites. To enabled this option, go to:

    • Login »  Poll »  Syndicate
  • Check the box Enable Syndicate/Share Poll under Syndicate Options

Why would I want to Syndicate/Share my MicroPoll?

Sharing/Syndication enables you to collect more data for your MicroPolls. The same poll can be displayed across multiple sites and all of them collect data into the same database.

Essentially anyone viewing/taking your poll can have access to the MicroPoll HTML and can add your poll to their own website or blog. This enhances the reach for the MicroPoll, since we have more than 1 website/blog collecting data.

Moreover, when you enable syndication, your poll is also added automatically to the qSample Poll Archive. The qSample Poll Archive is a collection polls archived for researchers and others to learn from.

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What about security? Will they be able to change the text etc?

No - Only the owner of the MicroPoll has access to change the data (Title, Text etc.)

If I use the MicroPoll feature do I have to share/syndicate my poll?

No. You can disable sharing by just unchecking the checkbox and saving your changes.

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