Retrieving backup data directly from iOS device on Windows OS

In case of synchronization failure you can follow two simple techniques to retrieve your data without any loss.

Method 1:

This technique is used when the app is running successfully but the process of synchronization is failing. In that case you could extract files from your app for a manual upload by going to Settings (QuestionPro Offline App) >> Export >> Export data for manual upload.

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Method 2:

This method is used when the Export data for manual upload is not available, which means the app is crashing at the very beginning. In that case we can retrieve data directly from the iOS device.

After synchronization from the QuestionPro Offline App to your online QuestionPro account, a data file is created and stored within your device. By gaining access to this data, our mobile team will be able to retrieve data.

Step 1: So initially, we will need to first download a third party application called "PhoneView"(Mac OS) ) OR "CopyTrans"(Windows OS)

Download Link for PhoneView:-

Download Link for Copy Trans:-

After installation it will look like below image:

Survey Software Help Image

Step 2: Open the application, and connect your iOS device to the computer.

Step 3: Go to Apps and then locate a QuestionPro folder.

Survey Software Help Image

Step 4: Create a .zip file and send it to

Step 5: Contact Live Chat for any further queries.

Note: For any Android device we can simply use the inbuilt file manager or download any file manager application from Play Store and then copy the file in desktop. Zip the file and send it to


This feature is available with the following licenses:

Corporate, Team and Enterprise

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