Ken Peterson With over two decades of experience in the CX research space, Ken Peterson has industry experience in retail, technology, sport hospitality, financial services, automotive and transportation. His support of clients includes bringing financially linked business insights, recommendations for operational improvements and CX deployment expertise - noted as an expert in making the behind-the-scenes magic that makes CX work. He currently serves as the President of QuestionPro CX.


Articles by Steve Livingstone

The Fan Economy – Moving Fans from Satisfaction to Delight

Delight customers to ensure continuous success

Abstract  From the outside, sports franchises appear to be able to print their own money.  However, the fan economy dictates the revenue despite most...
14 min read

NPS & Churn

Isolate, Identify & Predict

Introduction NPS is a widely used methodology to measure CX. In fact, it’s nearly ubiquitous and has gained a massive following around the world,...
6 min read