Meeting/Event Evaluation

Short 10 item event/meeting success evaluation.

How satisfied are you:
Very Satisfied Satisfied Neutral Dissatisfied Very Dissatisfied
with the quality of the overall event?
with the scope of information presented?
with the usefulness of the information?
with the quality of the presentations in the general sessions?
with the overall meeting format's emphasis on training?
that you had sufficient time to network and share ideas with your peers?
with the amount of time dedicated to training?
with the meetings' overall value in helping you improve your professional effectiveness?
that the meeting was a motivational experience for you?
that you and your peers received appropriate recognition and appreciation at the meeting for your contributions last year?

Training Surveys

Seminar Feedback and Attendee Information

21 questions

Demographics, seminar evaluation and motivation to attend.

Training Surveys

DE leader roles & competencies

75 questions

VET Practitioners roles & competencies