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Auto Purchase/Lease Satisfaction

Satisfaction with automobile Purchase/Lease process including service

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Here is the Auto Purchase/Lease Satisfaction template.

Dear Customer:

As the manager of [COMPANY], I want to thank you for your decision to purchase or lease a car from us. Please help us serve you better by taking a couple of minutes to tell us about the service that you have received so far. We appreciate your business and want to make sure we meet your expectations. Attached, you will find a coupon good for ...... We hope that you will accept this as a token of our good will.

Making you feel comfortable
Working as a team to best satisfy you
Making you confident that this was the right vehicle
Handling your purchase in a professional and timely manner
Were all your questions answered at the time of delivery?
Was enough time spent with you at the delivery time?
Was the delivery of your vehicle a pleasant experience?
Was the exterior clean and undamaged?
Was it delivered with all the features promised?
Did they have you throughly inspect the vehicle?
Was the vehicle's maintenance schedule explained to you?
Were all operating controls explained to you?
Were all the terms of the warranty explained to you?
Was the Owner's Manual explained to you?
Were you introduced to someone in the service department?
Did the car come with a full tank of gas?
Has the dealer contacted you regarding your satisfaction?
When you received your new vehicle was it problem free?
Air conditioning, heater or defroster
Body (including doors, hood, trunk or sunroof)
Electrical or accessories (including instruments)
Engine (including cooling system)
Exterior paint, molding or decals
Fluid level or leaks
Interior fit and finish (including seats, carpet and dashboard)
Operation of exterior and interior lights
Radio, cassette or CD player
Seats, seatbelts (operations or appearance)
Squeaks and rattles
Steering and handling
Tires and wheels (balance, alignment, or inflation)
Transmission or clutch
Water leaks
Wind Noise
Your salesperson
Your finance person
The way your new vehicle was delivered to you
Your overall purchase experience
Your new vehicle
Buy or lease this vehicle brand
Buy or lease from this dealer
Were you offered a test drive?

Overall, how would you rate the thoroughness of your test drive.
Did you buy or lease your new car?
Did you trade in a vehicle as part of your transaction?
How satisfied were you with the process used to determine the trade-in value?
With whom at the dealership did you primarily discuss your vehicle's financing agreements?
In addition to your sales or financing person, did you talk to a sales manager or other dealership personnel when finalizing your purchase or lease?
How satisfied were you with their performance?
Overall, how comfortable were you with the way the dealership worked with you to determine the final price or monthly payments for your new vehicle?

Overall, how would you rate the dealership staff that you bought or leased the vehicle from:

Thinking about when you took possession of your new vehicle, did you:
Have you contacted the dealership where you bought or leased your new vehicle about a problem with your vehicle or the way you were treated?
How many times did you contact the dealership to try to resolve your problem?
Has the problem been resolved?
How satisfied are you with the actions taken by the dealership to resolve your problem?
Overall, how satisfied are you with...
Based on your overall experience, how likely would you be to purchase another vehicle of this brand, if you had to replace it today.
Based on your overall experience, how likely would you be to purchase or lease another vehicle from this dealer?
What was the single most important reason for initially shopping at the dealer where you bought or leased your new vehicle?
We would appreciate your completing the following information to help us classify your responses:

If you would like to tell us something about your purchase or ownership experience that has not been covered in this survey, please type your comments in the box provided. Thank you for your patronage and for helping us to better serve you.
Thank you for your feedback. We sincerely appreciate your honest opinion and will take your input into consideration while providing products and services in the future.

If you have any comments or concerns about this survey please Contact: -

Company Name

Address 1

Address 2

City, State, ZipCode


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