Company Communications Evaluation Survey

Evaluation of communication information and strategy within the company

Overall, how satisfied are you with communications in your company?
Very satisfied
Very dissatisfied
Which best describes your impression of communications within your company?
Keeps us fully informed
Keeps us fairly well informed
Keeps us adequately informed
Gives us only a limited amount of information
Doesn't tell us much at all about what's going on
How do you feel about the information you receive?
I can almost always believe it.
I can usually believe it.
I can believe it about half the time.
I usually can't believe it.
I can almost never believe it.
How well do you feel you know the company?
I know the company very well.
I know a fair amount about the company.
I know just a little about the company.
I know almost nothing about the company.
Knowing about the company is not important to me.
Compared with a year ago, how would you rate your knowledge of the company, its strategies, and its ongoing accomplishments?
Much more knowledgeable
Somewhat more knowledgeable
Same level of knowledge
Somewhat less knowledgeable
Much less knowledgeable
What is the best thing about communications in the company?
For which information items do you believe it is very important that you receive communications about?
The company's strategies for the future
Products and services of the company
The overall financial picture of the company
The company's capabilities
Human resources process
Compensation and bonus programs
Technology developments
Issues and trends affecting our business
Key customer business issues
Company success stories
Competitive initiatives
Marketing programs
Government affairs affecting the company
Community involvement

What other topics do you feel are important for you to know more about and would like the company to include in future communications?
How much of a typical company newsletter do you read?
Generally read all of it
Read most of it
Read some of it
Only skim through it
Don't read it at all
What is your overall evaluation of the newsletter?
Very good
From which of the following sources do you now receive most of your information about what is going on in the company? Rank your top three information sources only.
The grapevine
Bulletin board
My supervisor
Company leadership
Group meetings at our work location
Local company publications
Company intranet
Company e-mail
Voice-mail announcements
How would you rate your manager's communication skills?
Very good
Do you have any suggestions for the company to help improve performance and efficiency?

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