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Dental Care Survey

Family dental choice profile, evaluation and importance of factors in choosing a dentist

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Here is the Dental Care Survey template.


Introduction text here.
Do you presently have a dentist that you visit on a regular basis?
How did you find your dentist?
Do members of your household go to (check all that apply):
The most common reason for not going to the dentist is:
Since when have you made regular visits to the current dentist?
How often do you go to the dentist for checkups?
Would you like your dentist to notify you when it is time for a 6-month check-up?
If you would like your dentist to notify you when it is time for a check-up, how would you prefer to receive this notice?
If two weeks go by and you had not yet made an appointment, would you like them to call back again?
I would prefer the following payment plan for my dental care:
Dental charges may vary subject to the amount of time that the dentist takes to complete a procedure, as well as the kind of work performed. If the cost were the same, what kind of dentist would you prefer?
Would you expect the dentist who takes longer to do a better job?
What do you like best about your personal dentist?
What would you suggest that might make a visit to your dentist more pleasurable?

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Live survey using this template:

Dental Care Survey - COPIED [neafhaiuaq]