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Nightlife Survey: Club

Nightlife Survey: Club

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Here is the Nightlife Survey: Club template.

What is the name/location of the Club? (i.e. Club Zed/Los Angelos, CA)

Describe the area in which the Club is located? Select all that apply.

Is the Club easy to locate? (i.e. is the general location easy to reach)

Is there convenient parking available near the Club?
Do you have to pay for parking?
If yes, what is the average cost of parking?

Does something about the Club immediately grab your attention? (i.e. a sign, special lighting, building structure, proximity to a landmark)

How many lines of security does the Club have?

What does security check? Select all that apply.

Which atmosphere do you prefer?

Which size crowd do you prefer?
Which types of music do you enjoy hearing while attending Nightclubs? Select all that apply.

Do you prefer a Nightclub to have multiple rooms, levels, etc.? *
If yes, please specify an ideal number of rooms, levels, etc.? (i.e. 2 Levels) *

What is the typical cover charge that you pay when attending a Gay/Lesbian Nightclub?

How much alcohol do you consume on an average night at a club? *

How much do you spend on alcohol on an average night at a club? *

Do you enjoy live entertainment when attending a Nightclub? *

Do you attend special club events such as open mic nights, karaoke, and contests) when possible? *

Do you take advantage of special offers and discounts? (i.e. Ladies free before 10pm or discounts on tickets purchased in advance) *

Do you attend Happy Hour? *

Which conveniences and amenities interest you the most? *

Is there an age restriction for the Club?

What is the cover charge?
Does price vary based on age, gender, or status? (i.e. Ladies $10, Gentleman $15) Please explain?
Is there a drink minimum? If yes, what is the minimum?

Describe the crowd.

What is the largest age group in attendance?

Does the crowd grow progressively throughout the night?

Does the Club specialize in any certain genre(s) of music?

Is yes, which genre? Select all the apply.

Does the Club have more than one room, level,etc.?
If yes, how many? Please specify room,level, etc. (i.e. 2 Levels).

How is the Club sectioned off?

Does the Club cater to any certain social group(s)

Describe the atmosphere of the Club.

Is there live entertainment?

What time does the Club close?
Is the bar opened until closing?
If not, what time does the bar close?

Was the Club crowded until closing?

Did you enjoy your experience at the Club?
If given the opportunity, would you visit the Club again?
Addition Comments

Does the Club specialize in any certain genre(s) of music?

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Live survey using this template:

Nightlife Survey: Club - COPIED [kvyqkktwkb]