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Knowledge Management Survey

Knowledge management and communications systems within the company

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Here is the Knowledge Management Survey template.

I am contacting managers to talk about a topic discussed recently in the Harvard Business Review called "knowledge management." Quoting from the HBR article, "knowledge management" is "a formal process of figuring out what information a company has that could benefit others in the copany then devising ways of making it easily available."

Sometimes companies are involved in "knowledge management" but call it by some other name. Please tell me whether your company is or is not doing the following things...
Collecting and sharing information about best practices
Setting up networks for trasnferring information between employees who interact with customers and company managers.
Setting up networks for trasnferring information between employees who interact with customers and engineers who create the product.
Creating formal procedures to ensure that lessons learned in the course of a project are passed along to others doing similar tasks.
Finding formal ways to tie a manager's pay to the bottom-line impact of the information they provide to other managers in the company.
Developing "expert systems" to capture and circulate special skills and knowledge.
Experts say that companies can determine if a "knowledge management" program is good for them depending on how they answer the next five questions. The questions are not complicated, and to save time, we are not expecting perfect answers. Just give us your top-of-mind response.
What kinds of activities in your organization have the biggest impact on the bottom line? Of the activities you mentioned, which one probably has te biggest impact?
What kinds of knowledge, if you had it, would make this activity work more effectively?

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Live survey using this template:

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