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Product Use/Satisfaction

Product use, attribute evaluation and satisfaction.

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Here is the Product Use/Satisfaction template.


Dear Sir/Madam:

As the president of [COMPANY], I want to thank you for buying our product. Please help us better understand your needs by completing the survey below. Thank you for your time.



The following is a list of product and service items. How satisfied are you with [PRODUCT] on each item?
Very UnsatisfiedUnsatisfiedNeutralSatisfiedVery SatisfiedNot Applicable
Overall quality
Purchase experience
Installation or first use experience
Usage experience
After purchase service (warranty, repair, help desk)
How long have you used [PRODUCT]?
How often do you use [PRODUCT]?

Overall, how satisfied are you with [PRODUCT]?
Compared to other [PRODUCT CATEGORY] that are available, would you say that [PRODUCT] is:
Will you use/purchase [PRODUCT] again?
How likely are you to recommend [PRODUCT] to others?
Based on your experience with [PRODUCT], how likely are you to again buy a [Company Product]?

If you have contacted [COMPANY] customer service, were all problems resolved to your complete satisfaction?
What would you like to tell [COMPANY] about your satisfaction with [PRODUCT] that was not already asked in the survey?
Thank you for your feedback.

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Live survey using this template:

Product Use/Satisfaction - COPIED [ymmjwokfxw]