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Technical Documentation

Quality and satisfaction with technical documentation.

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Here is the Technical Documentation template.

Technical Documentation:

How satisfied are you:
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with the appropriateness of the documentation to your needs?
with the quality of the documentation delivered with your system?
with the accuracy of the documentation delivered?
with the usability of the documentation provided?
overall with the documentation provided?
Please tell us what [COMPANY] should do to improve the quality of the documentation delivered with the platform?
[COMPANY] understands the service needs of my organization.
Overall, how satisfied are you with the amount of communication between you/your organization and [COMPANY]?
Overall, the quality of service of [COMPANY] sales department is
Overall, the value of [COMPANY] services compared with the price paid is

Would you recommend [COMPANY] services to colleagues or contacts within your industry?

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Live survey using this template:

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