Character and Number Limits

Establishing character and number limits

How can I enforce a limit on the number of characters that can be entered in an open ended text type question?

  • Click on Login » Surveys (Select Survey) » Edit
  • Click on Settings.
  • Enable the Required box to require a response. This will bring up the Character Limit (optional): field. Note: character limits cannot be applied without also making the question required.
  • Enter the desired character limit. If this number is left as “0,” no character limit will be applied. Note: Blank spaces and special characters will be counted towards the total character limit.


Can I limit the number range for numeric text questions?

Yes. Follow the same steps as listed above for a numeric text question. When you enable the Required box, in addition to the Character Limit field, a Numeric Data Range (optional) field will appear. If you leave the range as “0” to “0”, the range will be limitless. You can also enable the Whole Numbers option.


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