Image Rating Question

How can I add an image question?

  • Click on Login » Surveys » Edit Survey
  • Click onadd questionbutton to add a question.
  • From Standard Question Types, select the Image and Video section.
  • Within the Image and Video section, you can select one of the four options:
    • Select One
    • Select Many
    • Rating
    • Video
  • Question Text: Enter in the Question Text here.
  • Name: Enter in the Answer Option Text here.
  • Image: Select the Image from the drop menu. Image should be uploaded prior to adding the question.
  • Display - Column: Select Display - X Column option.
  • Click on Save Question to add the question.
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What are the different 'image' question types available?

  • Select One: Similar to Multiple Choice Single Select Question (Radio Button)Survey Software Help Image
  • Select Multiple: Similar to Multiple Choice Multiple Select Question (Check Box)Survey Software Help Image
  • Rating: Similar to Matrix Questions for rating one or more images.Survey Software Help Image

What different display options are available?

When adding/editing, you can select from Display 1-Column to Display 5-Column options.

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License & Access Options

This feature/tools described here are available with the following license(s) :

  • Corporate Edition - Buy Now - $899/year
    • Unlimited Surveys, Questions, Responses
    • Advanced Toolset and Features
    • No Long Term Commitment