Multiple Choice: Select One

The multiple choice: select one question is the standard question type for online surveys. As one of the primary standards in online survey tools, it has a number of benefits:

  • Respondents quickly recognize the question type in surveys.
  • Easily transition from vertical response layout to horizontal response layout for rating scales.
  • Online survey best practice calls for always having an "other" option: include this easily with the click of a button.

What is a multiple choice: select one question?

A multiple choice: select one question is a single select question that provides a radio button or option button for users to choose only one of a predefined set of options.

How can I add a Select One question?

  • Click on Login » Surveys » Edit Survey
  • Click onadd questionto add a question.
  • From Standard Question Types, select Multiple Choice, then Select One.
  • Enter the question text and answer options desired.
  • If you select the check box for the Other option, this will include an "other" option with a text box for users to clarify their choice. To avoid the text box with the "other" option, simply include "other" as one of the text options in the answer list.
  • Click on Save Question to add it to the survey.
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How can I add a drop-down question?

  • Click Add Question.
  • From Standard Question Types, select Multiple Choice, then Drop Down Menu.