Online Address Book

Creating an email list

What is an email list?

Email lists are basically a mechanism to segment email addresses. You can also think of email lists as your contact list or a address book.

How can I create an email list?

  • Login »  Surveys »  Send Survey »  Manage Email Lists
  • Click Create New Email List.
  • Enter a List Name
  • Choose a List Type
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    • Survey Specific List: By default, all email lists are created as Survey Specific lists. Survey specific lists are accessible only via the survey.
    • Global List: If you wish to use an email list across multiple surveys then you can upload the email addresses as a Global List. Global lists are accessible via any of the survey in the account.
    • Note: List types cannot be changed once applied.
  • Select an Input Method:
        • Upload a file with email addresses (CSV/Excel).
        • Copy/Paste or type email addresses.

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      • The email list will be created and email addresses uploaded. You can now send emails to this list.