Reference Data Question

What is the Reference Data question type?

The Reference Data question type is used to collect or validate zip code data against “standardized” databases.

How to add a Reference Data Question?

  • Click on Login » Surveys » Edit Survey
  • Click onadd questionbutton to add a question.
  • Go to the Reference Data section under Advanced Question types.
  • Select Reference Data from the tabs available.
  • Enter the question text, select the data type you want to validate, then click Save Question.

Note: Currently, we only offer the US Zip Code, Canada Postal Code, and the Australia Post Code.

Survey Software Help Image
Survey Software Help Image

What about zip/postal codes from other countries?

Most countries do NOT make their Zip/Postal codes available free of charge. For example, in order to import the UK Postal Database, we would have to pay the Royal Postal Service over 20,000 USD. If you are from a country that HAS OFFICIALLY made the postal code/zip code database publicly available, please send us a message via the form at We may incorporate/import that data and make it available as part of our standard databases.

What about other databases — Like a list of all High Schools in the US, or a list of all Universities?

These are custom databases that are not available in the public domain. They have to be acquired by purchasing custom data licenses from various data providers.

License & Access Options

The feature described here is available with the following license(s) :

  • Corporate Edition – Buy Now – $899/year
    • Unlimited surveys, questions, responses
    • Advanced tool set and features
    • No long term commitment