Workforce - Drip Questions

What is a Drip Question?

A Drip Question belongs to a collection of questions which gets sent weekly on a rotational basis to your employees.

What is the use of a Drip Question?

Drip questions enables you to ask additional questions around areas which you care about which can affect your employees. Instead of sending one monotonous question every week, you can make the weekly feedback less boring by asking these additional questions and gathering valuable feedback at the same time.

How to add a Drip Question?

    1. Go to Workforce --> Open your Workforce account --> Go to Weekly Feedback.

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    2. Turn on Drip Question.

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    3. Add a Drip Question.

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    4. Add a question text and answer options

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How does it work?

When Drip Questions are added, the first Drip Question will be sent in the first week, while for next two consecutive weeks, the Weekly Question will be sent. In the fourth week, the second Drip Question will be sent, again followed by two Weekly Questions per week and so on.

What if I do not enable a Drip Question?

If a Drip Question is not enabled, the Weekly Question will be sent every week.

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