Workforce - Team Pulse

What is Team Pulse?

Team Pulse can also be called as weekly feedback secondary question.

What is the use of Team Pulse?

When an employee answers a weekly feedback question, secondary questions can also be asked with respect to the answer given.

How to add Team Pulse Question?


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2. Turn on Team Pulse. 3. Add a Team Pulse Question.
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4. Add a question text.
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How does it work?

When the weekly feedback question sent to the employee is answered, a new window is opened in the browser and here some secondary questions are seen, these are nothing but Team Pulse questions.


  • 1. Weekly feedback email sent to the employee
  • 2. Employee answers the question
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  • 3. A new window is opened with Team Pulse questions
  • 4. Employee needs to write a comment in the Team Pulse question text box and click on 'Submit'
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Can I see the weekly feedback responses?

Yes. You can see your own response as well as the whole team responses.

  • 1. Team response
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    2. Your own response

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What if I do not enable Team Pulse?

If Team Pulse is not enabled, the email will have a default secondary question.

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Can I edit Team Pulse Question?

Yes, you can edit Team Pulse Question.

How to edit Team Pulse Question?

  • 1. Click on 'Edit'.
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  • 2. Edit the question.
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