Constant Sum

What is a constant sum type question?

A constant sum question permits collection of “ratio” data, meaning that the data is able to express the relative value or importance of the options (option A is twice as important as option B).

How do you typically allocate your monthly budget (the total should equal 100 points)?

  • Essentials (gas, grocery, etc.)             __________
  • Entertainment (movies, clubs, etc.)   __________
  • Other                                                    __________
  • Total 100 points

The following question asks you to divide 100 points between a set of options to show the value or importance you place on each option. Distribute the 100 points giving the more important reasons a greater number of points. The computer will prompt you if your total does not equal exactly 100 points.

How do I add a constant sum question?

  • Click on Login » Surveys (Select Survey) » Edit Survey » Add/Edit Questions
  • Click onadd questionbutton to add a question.
  • From under Standard Question Types, select Ordering.
  • Select the Constant Sum question type.
  • Enter in the question text and answer options.
  • Click on Save Question.

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How do I access the settings for the constant sum question?

  • Go to the Constant Sum question in the survey.
  • Hover over the question to bring up the fly-out menu on the right side of the screen, then click More.
  • Select Settings.

How do I change the constant sum value?

  • From Settings, go to the Constant Sum Display section.
  • Enter the desired value in the Constant Sum Value box.

How can I add a prefix or suffix (i.e. $, % etc) to Constant Sum questions?

  • Within Settings, enter the prefix/suffix desired for the question.
  • Click Save.

On the survey, the suffix entered will appear next to each of the response boxes available.

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Can I display a running total of the values typed into the text boxes for constant sum questions?

The running total is displayed by default. To check that this is the case:

  • Within Settings, make sure the drop-down for Constant Sum Display reads Display Running Total.
  • To hide the running total, select Hide Running Total from the drop-down menu.
  • Click Save Question.

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