Show or Hide Answer Options

What is Show/Hide Option logic?

Show/Hide options refers to the ability to show or hide answer options in either a matrix, single-choice, or select-many questions based on a pre-defined criteria. This criteria could be answers to questions previously asked in the survey or custom variables assigned beforehand.

You must have a page break between the source logic question(s) and the question for which you want to show or hide the options. The system should be able to collect the data and then make a logic decision to show or hide a particular question option. These logic decisions are made when the page break is hit.

How can I set up the show/hide options logic?

Consider the below example:
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Here, you have three questions – Questions: A, B and C. Question C is a matrix question asking to rate the performance of all employees, but you only want “John” (the second row in the matrix) to appear if the answer to Question A (Have you worked with John?) is “Yes.”

To set this up, follow the steps listed below.

  • Click on Login » Surveys (Select Survey) » Edit Survey 
  • Add all of the questions in the survey.
  • Add a page break after the question that the logic is based on (in this case, Question A). In this example, you could also set up a page break after Question B. The only requirement is that there is a page break somewhere between the question the logic is based on and the question that you want to show or hide based on the logic.
  • Hover over the question you want to show/hide. This will bring up the fly-out menu on the right side of the screen.
  • Click Logic.
  • Select Show/Hide Options.
  • Next to the answer option you want to show or hide, select Define Criteria. For matrix questions, the options will be the row items available in the matrix (in our example, row 2 in the matrix).
    • If you already have criteria created that you want to use for this, select the criteria from the Use Existing: drop-down (Note: This drop-down will only appear if there are criteria available).
    • If no criteria has been created that you want to use for the logic, click Create New and enter in a criteria name.
    • Select Criteria Type. 
      • Responses to the survey – Use to base your logic on how respondents answer certain questions in the survey.
      • Custom / System Variables – Use to base your logic on custom / system variables passed or updated on the survey.
    • Select the question on which you wish to base logic in the If: drop-down.
    • Select the logic operator (equals, greater than equals, less than equals, greater than, lesser than, or not equal to) and answer option(s). To select more than one answer option, either Shift+click or CTRL+click.
    • Click Save & Use This Criteria.
  • Select the Display Mode for the option.
    • Show Question if Criteria Matches will hide the option by default.
    • Hide Question if Criteria Matches will show the option by default.
  • Click Save Logic.

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