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Show or hide options logic allows you to decide on which answer option to be displayed based on a defined criteria.

This criteria can be based upon answers to questions or custom variables.

You must have a page break between the source logic questions and the question you want to show/hide options for. The system should be able to collect the data and then make a logic decision (to show/or hide) for a particular question option.


Consider a Survey:

   Question A
   Question B
   Question C (Matrix Question)
        Option 1
        Option 2
        Option 3
   Question D
Now consider this scenario: Question C - Option 2 should only be displayed if Yes is selected in Question A. To set this up click on the Logic option for Question C. From the Logic options click on Show/Hide Option Logic.

Click on Create a criteria if there is no pre-defined criteria

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Now select the criteria. Under if, select the criteria that you have created, and under is satisfied, select if you wish to show or hide the answer option. Repeat this for all the matrix answer options
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While creating show/hide logic criteria based on an answer options of multi-select if I select other answer options too, the logic does not work. Why is it so?

If you apply show/hide option on an answer option, for that logic to work, you will have to select that answer option only. If any other answer option is selected along with the one on which logic is applied, the logic will not work.

Consider the below example:

There are two questions, Q1 is multi select and Q2 is single select.
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The criteria applied is as below:

If for Q1 - answer option Visa is selected - then show Weekly option.

If for Q1 - answer option Visa is not selected - then show Monthly option.

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Now, if you preview the survey, and select Visa only, then the logic will work properly.

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If you select Visa along with any other answer option, then the logic will nullify and will not work.

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How many criterias can I add in a logic?

You can add upto 5 criterias in a logic.


This feature is available with the following licenses:

Corporate, Team and Enterprise

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