Workforce Studies

What type of studies can I create using Workforce?

Workforce supports three main types of employee feedback: weekly pulses, 360 feedback, and surveys.

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A pulse is a short 1-3 question survey that is sent out at regular intervals. Typically deployed on a weekly basis, pulse polls are most often used to gauge employee mood and morale over a period of time. You can use your own questions or try our Organizational Health Index.

A 360 feedback is a process where employees are given confidential feedback from their peers, supervisor, and/or anyone relevant to them. Workforce’s 360 feedback tool allows for five levels of feedback: self-evaluation, supervisor, peers, direct reports, and external reviewers. Workforce can also generate several levels of reporting: a company-wide report, a team-specific report, and an individual report.

A survey is a generic study that supports any and all question types. It can also be scheduled to repeat at regular intervals (example: monthly compliance surveys). Workforce’s automated reporting system can generate several kinds of analytics: a summary dashboard, a metric scorecard, key driver analysis, text analytics, as well as custom scorecards.

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