Workforce Dashboard Customization

You requested more dashboard customization options and we listened! In order to deliver the best employee survey resource platform, we added a variety of options to make reports represent the metrics which drives YOUR business. We’ve added customized functionality such as toggle functionality for number of respondents, % Agreement, Distribution, mean, overall and sorting functions. Our workforce dashboard insanely easy and intuitive to customize - Let’s take a look at how this works.

To get started, click on the configuration icon at the top right corner of the section score tile.

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Here you will find a variety of tile customization tools nested in Edit and Configure.

We have designed our dashboard to be flexible in order to tailor for your specific needs and fired on all data toggles - the preferred configuration used most commonly by our customers.

Let’s break down dashboard metrics:

  • Number of Respondents: Highlights the number of completed surveys
  • % Agreement: Top box score divided by number of respondents
  • Distribution: Color coded representation of positive/neutral/negative responses
  • Mean: Averages respondent scores
  • Overall: Representation responses of the organization as a whole
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We are committed to providing a robust dashboard so people managers can draw meaningful and actionable insights. Stay tuned for more updates - as we continually add new features to our to provide the best information for our users.

Go to: Workforce>> Analytics>> Section Score>> Edit

Survey Software Help Image

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