360 feedback Show/Hide question logic

Show/Hide question logic allows you the ability to show or hide questions based on criteria you define. This is useful when your logic doesn’t require to be triggered immediately.

Important Items to remember

Show/Hide Logic will not work on the first question on a page.

How can I set up the show/hide question logic?

To set up show/hide question logic, Go to:

Login >> Workforce >> 360 feedback survey

  • Click on logic icon.
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  • Select Show/hide question logic.
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  • Click on Create New Criteria.
  • Enter a name for the criteria. For example: Section 1
  • Select question and answer option on which criteria is to be applied.
  • You can set the criteria, based on which options are selected by the respondents

    Select the Display Mode for the question.

  • Show Question if Criteria Matches will Show the question by default.
  • Hide Question if Criteria Matches will Hide the question by default.
  • Click Save Logic.
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