Employee Portal Access

Portal access allows admin to setup rules for the employees to access the dashboards in the employee portal based on custom fields like Level, Location, Team, and others. The view in the employee portal for an employee will be based on the hierarchy setup in the employee roster. For example, to show the data of a particular department to an HR manager, admin can create a rule by selecting the department first and then assigning the rule to the HR manager.

To setup access rules for the portal go to:

  • Login>> WorkForce>> Mange Workforce>> Portal>> Permissions
  • Click on Add Rule to add rules
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  • Create access rules by selecting the custom fields
  • Assign the created rule to the employee(s) and click on save
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  • You can see the created rule for the employee
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Portal view of the access rule

Employee when login to the employee portal will view the data as per the rule created for him by the admin. Employee can also switch to the default view which will show him the data as per his hierarchy.

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Click on Rule Filter to view the rules created or switch to the default hierarchy based access.
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