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Free Training Surveys: Questions & Template

List Of Training Survey Templates


Free academic training surveys consisting of ready made templates and questions. All our academic training surveys are created by experts who understand the importance of academic training evaluation as per of a regular curriculum. These surveys consist of seminar feedbacks, academic event evaluation and leadership role surveys. You can use these templates as survey examples or sample surveys if you intend to create your own questionnaire. Else, simply pick a survey template and start using it directly. Get started.


Seminar Feedback und Teilnehmerinformationen

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Demografie, Seminarbewertung und die Motivation zur Teilnahme.


Tagungs/ Veranstaltungs Auswertung

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Short 10 Artikel Veranstaltung / Treffen Erfolgskontrolle.


Effectiveness of training

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Effectiveness of training for trainees survey questions template is designed to collect feedback from trainees for the training program they have attended. This survey template is beneficial for anyone who wants to obtain feedback regarding their training program. This sample survey template consists of 25+ questions. This questionnaire can be customized and more questions can be added to suit the needs of a researcher.

A very important aspect of any training program is soliciting feedback from the trainees regarding the quality of the training program. Very few trainers realize the importance of feedback. Feedback is a mechanism that helps individuals perform better. As a trainer you should provide a survey at the end of training program to register participants feedback.

Below are the questions related to effectiveness of training for trainees:


Effectiveness of training for Trainer

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Effectiveness of training for trainers survey questions template is designed to get feedback from trainees regarding the evaluation and performance of the trainer. This survey template is designed to for all individuals who have been a part of some or the other training program. This sample survey template consists of 20+ survey questions that will help individuals register their effective feedback. This questionnaire can be customized to suit the business need or a researcher, an organization or any individual.

Effective feedback is essential and helpful. Feedback is valuable information that helps in making informed and organized decisions. Top performing companies and organizations often rely on feedback because they consistently search for ways to improve their overall performance. For organizations and individuals who truly value feedback, improvement is not just a catchphrase for them.

Below are the questions based on effectiveness of training for trainers: