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Free Travel Surveys: Questions & Templates

List Of Travel Survey Templates

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QuestionPro is the leader in travel surveys. These travel survey template questionnaires are created with extensive direction by travel industry experts, making them highly optimized and geared towards delivering best quality survey responses. The templates include airline service evaluation, travel tour, flight survey and a general travel survey template. You can also use these templates as survey examples or samples. Alternatively, just pick any template of your choice, make your edits if needed and send it directly out to your audience. Get started!

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Airline Service Bewertung

42 fragen

Die Bewertung aller Aspekte des Luftverkehrs-Service

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Travel Survey

7 fragen

Reisezweck und Service Problemerkennung.

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Travel Tour Bewertung

18 fragen

Sende Tour Auswertung und Weiterempfehlungsbereitschaft.

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Airline Flight Umfrage

19 fragen

Bewertung von Flugzeugen, Flugauswahl, Ausstattung und Inflight-Service.