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20 Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Survey Questions + 10 Templates

List Of Customer Satisfaction Survey Templates

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QuestionPro is the market leader in providing the best customer satisfaction survey templates. These template provide end-to-end Customer Satisfaction Survey questions, examples and samples for businesses to measure customer satisfaction (CSAT). These customer satisfaction surveys focus on measuring customer experience perceptions on how well a company delivers on the critical customer success factors of the business. QuestionPro unlocks that understanding so you can make informed business decisions based on customer satisfaction feedback. Building and deploying a QuestionPro customer satisfaction survey is very easy - just pick a template and send out your questionnaire. Whether it's your first survey or you are a research professional, QuestionPro provides these pre-built templates by experts for your every need. Our pre-built Customer Satisfaction Surveys and Templates focus on service promptness, buying experience, staff responsiveness, and customer pain points.

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Produkt Zufriedenheit Umfrage Template

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Umfrage zur Kundenzufriedenheit, einschließlich Fragen zum Produkt, Vertreter und Verfahren.

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Umfragevorlage für eine Händlerbefragung

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Zwölf-Punkt Bewertungen im Einzelhandel - Kaufwert, Auswahl und Service.

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Motivation und Kauferlebnis Umfrage Template

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Motivation und Kauferlebnis Umfrage basiert auf Produkt, Preis und Erfahrung.

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Product Use Satisfaction

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Product use, attribute evaluation and satisfaction.

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Kauf Motivation Seminar Umfrage Template

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Seminar Kauf Motivation und Follow-up-Lead-Generierung.

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Organisatorische Angelegenheiten Umfrage Template

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Health Care Umfrage von organisatorischen Sorge um die Zufriedenheit der Patienten.

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Servicequalität Auswertung Umfrage Template

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Kundenservice Bewertung und Ableitung von Maßnahmen.

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Kurze Umfrage zur Kundenzufriedenheit Template

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Allgemeine Produkt- / Service-Umfrage-Vorlage basiert auf Kundenzufriedenheit, Nutzung und Empfehlungen.

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Kundenservice Zufriedenheit Umfrage Template

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Zufriedenheitsumfrage Vorlage mit Kundenservice. Maßnahmen der Resolution Zeit, Wissen des Vertreters und die Kundenzufriedenheit.

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Autokauf/ Mietzufriedenheit Umfrage Template

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Zufriedenheitsumfrage Vorlage mit dem Autokauf / Leasing-Prozess, einschließlich Service.

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Business Survey Questions

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Business survey questions is a questionnaire to gather information about how satisfied the customer is with your business. This survey aims to identify what challenges are faced by customers while shopping at your business place, online or offline and help you understand what can be improved. Business surveys are very critical for every business. If you want your business to grow and have a loyal customer base, the most important factor is customer satisfaction. Every customer will not have the time to answer questions or give you their opinion when they are shopping with you. In such a case, a business survey can be very helpful to gather data and make well informed decisions to retain the existing customers as it can be done whenever they are free.

Business owners will know that acquiring a new customer cost at least 6-7 times more than retaining an existing customers. Retaining customers is getting more and more difficult by the day. However, it has been observed that customers can be retained if they are provided with a good experience. According to recent studies, at least 55% of customers are willing to pay if they are guaranteed a good experience. There is a 92% retention rate among those companies which have a well crafted customer service program. Furthermore, 80% of today's customer engagements can be supported by bots, hence the cost associated with this is comparatively less to the return you would get.

Hence planning a well crafted customer satisfaction program for your customers is vital especially in United states as a recent study stated that American companies lose over $62 billion each year because of poor customer service.

Following are the questions to gather information about customer satisfaction and customer opinions.

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Customer Loss Survey

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Customer loss survey questions is a questionnaire to understand the reasons why a customer has left your business. This survey template aims to identify the reasons that influenced the customer to leave your business and to uncover the factors, where improvement can be done to reduce customer churn. Such a survey can enable businesses to understand common characteristics and sentiments of this population and hence try to improve certain areas which can help them win those customers back.

Nowadays the competition in the market for all kinds of businesses is increasing and hence, all businesses have to keep up with the competition to retain their customers and keep them loyal. According to a recent survey, pricing and customer service played a major role in losing customers. From the data that was collected from a set of customers, it was observed that around 29% of customers left because of pricing and around 40% of them left because of customer service. This information was quite different from the information that the company employees had perceived. Hence a customer loss sample survey template can be helpful for businesses to understand the reasons why a customer is leaving and going to a competitor and this data can help the business to identify what improvements can be done to retain customers or win lost customers.

Following are the questions to gather information about the factors that influence a customer to leave.

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User Satisfaction Survey

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User satisfaction survey questions is a questionnaire to understand how satisfied a customer is with the product/service they are using. This survey aims to identify the perceptions of the users with regards to their experience while using the product/service. Such a survey can enable businesses to understand views of the users about their product/service and hence try to improve certain areas which can help them to keep these customers loyal and may be even promote it.

User satisfaction is as an important attribute that is extracted from a product or service after its usage. Nowadays the competition in the market for all kinds of businesses is increasing and hence, all businesses have to keep up with the competition to keep their users satisfied. According to the local consumer survey, 92% of the users trust recommendations made by a family or friend. 93% of the respondents stated they turn to online reviews to decide if the product/service is good. Word of mouth is considered to be a key influencer by 74% of this audience. Such recommendations or reviews are achieved only if the user is satisfied with the product/service. It is said that experience is going to be the key differentiator by 2020, not the price or the product but how satisfied a customer is going to be with the experience provided. Hence a user satisfaction sample survey template can be helpful for businesses to stay ahead in the game and build those loyal customer and may be even brand ambassadors.

Following are the questions to gather perceptions of the user about the product/service and their level of satisfaction.