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Create Facebook Surveys

With QuestionPro you can create and publish surveys for other Facebook users to take. These surveys can be fun and light-hearted but they can also be used to get an idea about what other people are thinking. You can post the survey on your facebook wall or your friend's(respondant's). You can also share the results of your survey with them.

QuestionPro makes creating Facebook Surveys on social networks like Facebook, Myspace extremely easy. With QuestionPro you create surveys for users of social networks whose primary language may not be English. And also it is very easy to create customized surveys such as Facebook Surveys. It takes just a few minutes to copy a survey from our library, and modify it for your specific purpose. Or you can create your own survey.

Results generated can be analysed with our tools(Like Max-Diff, Conjoint) so you can compare segments to each other. Additionally you can share your reports securely with each other, and also download your data to spreadsheet format, Microsoft power Point.

With QuestionPro you can Create anonymous Facebook Surveys. Also Add your logo to Facebook Surveys, Send Facebook Surveys via email to respondents, Post Facebook Surveys on the web,Analyze survey respondent data, Generate stunning graphs and charts, Create and post polls on websites.

Social Networking Surveys

Social networks are online communities of people who typically share a common interest or activity. They provide a variety of ways for users to interact with each other . blogs, e-mail, instant messaging, and newsfeeds which contain information about, or valuable to those in your network.

Social networking tools are an unprecedented and highly beneficial tool for many parts of organizations, including human resources, marketing and customer service.

The most important benefits of social networking Surveys for businesses are meeting colleagues in a profession, and raising market awareness for the respondent and his/her expertise.

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