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Who is a survey respondent?

Anybody who answers a survey is known as a survey respondent.

To gather data for marketing research, you can distribute a survey through email, mobile app, website, QR code, or social media. The responses are analyzed to derive actionable data and make better decisions. It is essential to target the right audience as the accuracy of the insights depends on the report generated from the survey responses. Thus, it has a significant impact on business.

Survey takers share their experiences, feedback, opinion, and preferences while they answer the questions. The more they find relevant questions, the better the quality of data. Hence, while selecting the respondents for the survey, market researchers must make sure to find the pool of people that will be the right fit. The sample size should be selected such that it represents the target demographic.

Why do businesses need survey respondents?

Customer feedback helps business grow. But if you can gather choices of the target audience beforehand, you can create smarter strategies. Obtaining feedback from subject matter experts and specialists makes customer research successful. Creating a high-quality research panel is of most importance, especially when the research data depends on it.

With a research panel, you can build rich profiles of your members, which will ensure quality responses. If you are looking to launch or test new technology, you would want to target panelists who are IT professionals interested in technology to yield more informed responses. Additionally, well-managed panels of pre-recruited persons allow for a quicker response rate.

Example of qualified survey respondents or audience for the survey

While you can distribute the survey to both who match the criteria and who don't, the ideal fit for being a survey respondent should be the one who has had relevant experience. Respondents who have knowledge or experience of the subject matter are considered to be qualified survey respondents. You can also ask screening questions to know who are the right pool of people.

Where to find survey respondents?

You can purchase a sample audience directly by accessing over 22 million opt-in panelists around the world. It just takes 3 simple clicks with QuestionPro Audience.

  1. Click the Audience tab.

  2. Select your sample criteria.

  3. Deploy your sample.

You'll get automated pricing based on the criteria you choose.


Advantages of qualified survey respondents

How to keep survey respondents engaged?

Respondents share their honest thoughts when they feel engaged with the research study. Hence it is essential to keep them engaged throughout the survey. If they lose interest or get distracted while answering the survey, you might not get accurate data. However, by following simple tips, you can keep survey respondents engaged and collect meaningful data.

Why QuestionPro?

End-to-end 360-degree data collection and fieldwork
Build your survey and leave the fieldwork to us. Our panel experts will gather the requested completes from our panel and provide frequent updates on the progress of your sample. You'll be contacted by one of our panel experts shortly after submitting a sample inquiry for your survey.

Seamless access to qualified online survey respondents
QuestionPro maintains a global panel of millions of highly qualified respondents ready to take your surveys. able to ensure high-quality respondents through our disciplined and methodical approach at recruitment and panel operations.

Integrated solution unified platform
Take advantage of the innovative, industry-leading QuestionPro survey software to monitor survey completes and review data in real-time while the panel team qualifies and recruits your target audience. Our unified platform allows you to obtain and analyze survey results more quickly and is more cost-effective than utilizing external vendors for your sample needs.

Survey respondents and data collection - Key features

How do I track survey respondents

Learn how to set up and use this feature with our help file on Tracking Survey Respondents.

How soon will the research panel be available?

The respondent panels are readily available. Once we have your requirements, we will review them and provide you with a quote. Once the quote is accepted, our team will set up the panel and can be ready to launch within 2 to 4 hours.

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