Community-Customize Logo,Theme

Community can be customized using CSS or predefined fonts and colors. All the customization option is available under Display Settings.

How can I change the Theme of my survey?

To change the Theme of your survey, go to:

Login » Communities » (Select Community) » Edit »Settings>>Display Settings(right hand side)

Under Themes tab, select the theme using the arrow keys.

You may click on Preview to check the theme and click on Save Changes.

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Customize Css/Theme: Customize Css/Theme option changes as per the theme selected. You get the control of Css script with the old theme and with the new theme you get all the predefined colors and fonts for Title-Bar,Menu Bar,Header,Background and Buttons.

Baner Tab:

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  1. Community Name: This is the name of your community, and the name that will show on your community page.

  2. Page Title: A Page Title is the title that will appear on your Communities tab, when using a browser.

  3. Default Language: This is the default language for your community. You can change the default language of your community by clicking on the drop down menu and choosing your selection.

  4. Hide Title: This will hide the title of your community on browser.

  5. Website Logo: You may upload an image for your logo, or also select the image from My Image Library. Check the following URL on uploading image to My Image Library. Check How

  6. Default Module: Once a particular option is set as default module, the community member will see his main page as the select module. You can set the default module to My Surveys, My Profile, Dashboard, etc.

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