Communities - Google Analytics Integration

What is Google Analytics? How to set up integration with Communities?

Google Analytics is a service offered by Google to manage your website traffic. It generates a detailed statistics about a website's traffic and traffic sources. You can see the data in realtime which includes but not restricted to how many users are currently viewing your website and are they viewing on a desktop or a mobile etc..

To set up Google Analytics Integration: Go To:
  • Login »  Communities »  (Select Community) »  Edit »  Community »  Settings »  Integration »  Google Integration
  • Under Key enter your Tracking ID.
  • Click on Save
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Survey Software Help Image

What is Google Analytics Account #(web property ID or UA number)?

In Google Analytics, a web property is the cumulative set of pages on which a particular tracking code is installed. In the Analytics tracking code, the web property for a profile has a unique ID, which is a combination of the account ID and additional digits.

This web property ID links a web property to one or more profiles in an Analytics account. The ID can be found in the administrative section of the Analytics UI.

  • Sign in to your Analytics account
  • the X's (UA-XXXXX-YY) represent your account number
  • the Y's (UA-XXXXXX-YY) represent profile numbers within your account.
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The complete string (UA-XXXXX-YY) is referred to interchangeably as your web property ID or UA number.

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