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Profile Sync allows you to update profile fields from questions in ongoing surveys. The Profile Sync option allows you to "backfill" profile data from surveys into the Community member profile.

How do I set this up?

Before you setup Profile Sync, please be aware that you must make sure that the choice options on both the Profile and the Survey MUST MATCH. Otherwise you will have inconsistent data. The profile sync essentially goes by choice index. If the first option in the survey question is selected by the Community member, then the corresponding first option is chosen in the profile field.

To setup profile sync:

  1. Create the profile field in the Community Management System.

    Communities >> Profile >> Global Community Member Profile >> Add New Profile Field

    Survey Software Help Image
  2. Then create a survey, and add a question. Within the question, choose the Community tab and choose your Community, and attach that question to the corresponding profile field created in Step 1 above.
    Survey Software Help Image
  3. Then send the survey as a normal survey to all your participants, via the Communitymanagement interface.

Which question types can I use Profile-Sync for?

Profile Sync currently is supported for the below question types.

  • Multiple Choice
    • Single Select
    • Multi Select
    • Drop-Down
  • Text
    • Comment box
    • Single row text
    • Numeric input
    • Contact information
  • Image chooser
    • Select one
    • Select many
  • Misc
    • Date and Time
    • Calendar
  • Mobile
    • QR code-Like/Dislike


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