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To Export Community Data:

Go To: Communities >> Members >> Search

Click on the Export Users button.

Community members can also be exported using the filters like Profile,Invitations & Surveys,Sign-Up & Access and Custom Variables.

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The excel file will be generated as follows:

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Can I export the "Codes" associated with the Profile data instead of the values?

Yes - Please check the box Export Answer Codes/Index when downloading the file.

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The generated file will have codes instead of profile data values.

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Codes/Index values are available only for "Multiple Choice" type profile fields.

What data/variables are available with the export data option?

The exported data file will containg all the default system variables along with community member profile fields and custom fields. Following is the list of default system variables:

Column Field Description
A ID Community member ID.
B Timestamp Timestamp when the user signed up.
C Email Address Community member email address.
D First Name Community member first name.
E Last Name Community member last name.
F Zip code Zip code for panel member location
G State / City Community member state / city.
H Birthday Date of birth for the Community member.
I Device UID Community member device UID if the member signed up from a registered device (iPhone/iPad, etc).
J Status Community member status (New, UnVerified, Verified, Blocked, etc.).
K Source Community member source from where they signed up (Web, Upload, etc.).
L Referral Source Referral source for the Community member.
M Tracking Source Tracking source for the Community member from where they signed up.
N Points Total points allocated to the panel member.

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