Communities - Discussion Setting

Under the Discussions module you can initiate a live discussion with your community. Discussions are updated in real-time to promote engagement between community members.

  • Communities >> Modules >> Discussions
  • Turn on the Discussion option.
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  • Click on the Schedule Live Discussion link.
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  • Title: Enter the title for the community discussion module.
  • Description: Enter the description in this field about your community discussion.
  • Status: Change the status to active or closed.
  • Session Type:
  • Group - Multi-User Collaboration: Members can chat with each other along with the community admin.
  • One-On-One - Moderator: Select this session type only if the admin or member wants to chat in private. Messages from admin/members are not visible to other community members.
  • Limit Session - Time Window: Set the start date/time and end date/time for your community discussion.
  • Criteria: Select the criteria to chat with the filtered members. All the created filters in the account will be listed. Create a sampling filter under Analytics if you want to share the discussion with particular group of members.

What type of analysis and reporting could I generate from Discussion Live Session?

You can :

  • Download the profile information for all the participants
  • Download the Discussion Transcript

How can I show a video during the live session to all the participants?

Initiate a whiteboard and paste the video embed code on the whiteboard. You can also share other html/ multimedia content with the participants.

How does the discussion looks on members community portal?

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