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Community administrator can setup the Google based authentication for the login and signup of the members to their community. This makes the signup and login process easier. You would need to generate the 'Client ID'using the Google account, to setup the google based authentication on the community. If the Google Client ID is not generated and saved in the Social Login under Settings, then the user will not be able to sign up or login using his/her Google account.

How to generate Google Client ID?

  1. To Generate client ID, login into

    After login you will be able to configure the project for your community. Click Configure a Project button as in the image below and give a name to your project.

    After creating project, click on Next.

    Survey Software Help Image
  2. On this screen select the client type. This specifically tells the Google that where will the requests come from. Select "Web Browser" from the list. Enable.
  3. After selection the system will ask for the URL or the link that is used to access your QuestionPro Community, add the URL in the text field as in the image below and click on the Create button.
  4. Survey Software Help Image
  5. On the next screen you will be able to view the created Client ID for your community, download or copy this client ID for further use. This needs to be added to the QuestionPro Community under Settings to allow members to login and signup to your community using their Google account.
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Where to use CLIENT ID?

The generated client ID need to be added and saved in the Keyfield highlighted in the image below. The path for this is Community >> Set Up >> Social Login >> Google as below :

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