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Confidence Score is a proprietary system for determining if a survey respondent is authentic.

How is Confidence Score calculated?

Process Flow:

  1. User registers to be part of a panel.
  2. System Administrators setup a set of demographic questions (Gender, Income etc.)
    • a. For each question they also assign a confidence score (0-100)
    • b. 0 = Very Unlikely to change over time - Ex. Gender
    • c. 100 = Very likely to change over time - Ex. #of kids
  3. User initially is assigned a confidence score of 100
  4. User then gets invited to surveys - as part of the survey - injected dynamically into the survey will be "re-profile" question.
    • a. The Re-Profile question is a random question from the list of profiling questions.
    • b. User gets asked the Re-Profile question and the response is compared to the original response.
    • c. If the response is the same - the User's confidence score remains unaffected
    • d. If the response is different the users confidence score is multiplied by the beta
      • i. Beta = Question confidence Score / 100
  5. System administrators can then filter future surveys based on the confidence score assigned to a user.

How to assign Confidence Score?

Go to: Communities >> Profile >> Global Community Member Profile

You can assign confidence score when adding a user custom field.

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