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To add a poll in a community:

  • Communities >> Modules >> Polls

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  • Click on + New Poll
  • In the new window add the following details:
    • Name: Enter the name of the poll.
    • Question type: Select the question type Single Select or Select Many.
    • Question text: Enter the question text.
    • Answer Options: Enter the answer options, one per line.
    • Result Type: Select the result types you wish to display:
      • Show Results: The community members will be able to view the result as soon as they complete the poll.
      • Show Thank you Message: A thank you message will appear.
    • Prevent Ballot Box Stuffing: Community members can take the poll only once.
    • Status: Enable this option to activate the survey.
  • Click on Create Poll.
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Where can I view this poll in the community?

  • You can find this poll displayed on the right hand side of the member portal.
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  • The poll result will be displayed as shown below.
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Where can I view the poll result in the survey tool?

  • Login >> community >> Modules >> Polls >> Set Up

  • Click on Reports
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  • The result will be displayed as below:
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How can I translate Poll?

You can translate Poll by clicking on the Translate button and providing the Translated inputs for Language selected.

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Can I activate multiple polls at a time?

No, you can only activate one poll at a time. Once a poll is activated, all other polls will automatically become inactive.


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